I made an agreement with Concorde for a villa near Ecity and the full amount settlement happend in a months time. It took approximatley 6 months to do registration and no compensation for the time i waited and the amount i paid as EMI to the bank and rent to my owner !!

The customer service team has standard answers (Sir we will get back to you. Sir what can we do sir.. they blame registrars , the bank who issued loan and what else could there be a reason). The customer service never respond to emails you send..

Important thing even after registration my villa is still the mess that it was 6 months ago and still waiting for them to provide atleast minor fixing on doors, windows. They told me at the second month that i can move in .. But they refused to give the keys to me.

(What a joke!!)... Please do not plan to deal to with concorde..

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Bangalore, Karnataka, India #620874

Its really a very well managed company with some of the best work teams seen around. This company is one of the most successful builders

to neel #703603

Are you working for Concorde. I've seen the same sentence posted for several comments under different names.

Looks like you are paid to make such comments. Remember the above are comments from hurt and cheated customers, not from people like you paid by scrupulous builders.

Bengalore, Karnataka, India #586054

I am really happy for the investment I made in Concord Manhatten apartment electronic city. The value addition for the investment is very good , and the infrastructure also very good. I thank the management for your support.


The executive at concorde was very helpful and helped us to make our decision to purchase the property even more Clear and strongly positive. Overall a great experience dealing with Concorde Group which is really making a Great property buying experience with an unmatched customer service ,communication was beyond my expectations and I plan to use their services in the future. I would be happy to discuss my experience with anyone interested in investing with Concorde Group


The Concorde Napa Valley project seems pretty reasonable and affordable. I m looking forward for a good deal.

The Concorde customer care executive was very helpful and helped us to make our decision to purchase the property even more Clear and strongly positive.

They were professional, thorough and did everything that they said that they would do... on time and within the budget.


Dealing with the Concorde group for our purchase for an apartment in Bangalore has been a great experience. Concorde Group Makes the property buying experience truly great and their customer service is really awesome.


Concorde group is one of the premium high reputation builders of Bangalore and they are known for their good quality construction. We can be assured of good upkeep of the place to ensure good sales! Their maintenance team is really good.


The staff of Concorde Group are very competent. They are well organized and very very friendly, caring beyond professional limits.

All our queries were answered patiently. Thank You concorde group.


Its a pleasure dealing with the concorde group. They have a kind of family atmosphere that makes you want to reside in one of their apartments.


Seeks police protection after exposing construction giant's attempts to seek BDA approval on basis of forged documents

He blew the whistle on a real estate scam little knowing that it could well leave him and his family dead.

Tejaswi HM, a lawyer who represented Concord Group for the past two-and-a-half-years, a reputed construction company, sought police protection on May 4. Tejaswi alleged that his employer threatened to have him murdered after he blew the lid over a land-grabbing scam. Concord allegedly acquired over 13 acres of land in Electronic City for constructing an apartment named Concord Manhattan.

Tejaswi, who was supervising the project, noticed that the land conversion records were forged. He also noticed that the seal and signature of the deputy commissioner were fabricated in the papers submitted by Concord for BDA approval.

"I tried to stop the fraud by bringing it to the notice of the company higher ups. It was all in vain. Instead, they initially forced me to shut up and later forced me top resign," Tejaswi said. Undeterred, Tejaswi approached the BDA and even the city police commissioner with a memorandum that exposed the details of the fraud and asked them to take action. "When the company came to known about my move they warned me that they would kill me and my family if I did not hand all the documents over to them," said Tejaswi. When Tejaswi approached the Vyyalikaval police seeking protection, the investigating officer investigating the case allegedly received calls from higher-ups to go slow on Concorde.

Calls stop

"After I filed the complaint, the calls stopped," said Tejaswi.

The Vyyalikaval police, who have taken up the case, summoned concerned officials for questioning. "The accused have, however, not responded to the summons yet," said the investigating officer in the case. Tejaswi met the advocates' association president yesterday. P Gopal Reddy, the managing director of Concorde group of Real Estate, and his personal assistant Prasanna Kumar, refused to comment on the issue.


If your looking for an apartment in electronic city opt for Concorde Manhattan - good vicinity and value for money.


Concorde is one of the best builders in bangalore , really happy with them.


No such major issues, all being exaggerated on the net. ya sure minor issues were there initially when we took the apartment at concorde manhattan a year ago but all have been rectified now.


No such major issues, all being exaggerated on the net. ya sure minor issues were there initially when we took the apartment at concorde manhattan a year ago but all have been rectified now.


This is like L.R. Nagar slum near to Vivek Nagar.

Full leekage, shortage of water, no maintenance....what else needed


The Concorde Group customer service is really good. Am very happy with the way they interact with the clients.


I appreciate Concorde groups sincerity & leadership in resolving the issues raised by its customers. The hard work and dedication of the staff is truly remarkable. Cheers CONCORDE GROUP.


i think concorde builders are as good as any other builders in bangalore, there are some minor issues of a little delayed handovers etc but this is normal with all builders everywhere , my experoence with the concorde group has been pretty good


signed up with concorde 8 months back, got possesion of my place and facing no issues .

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