We, around 30 known customers of Concorde Southscape project in Electronic city Phase 2 are very badly impacted due to becoming Concorde developer's customers by booking Southscape apartments. Please dont follow suite.

Their marketing folks will always say that there are 5-6 apartments only available in the project that you are looking for and will say all rest are booked. This will be the case always. They will do very nice talks, will come to your place, do all promise the heaven that they are selling to you, etc. Once the sale is done, then you've to deal with their customer support - this is where we will come to know their real skin, and start feeling that whether we've done a miserable mistake in life.

Then you've to meet their senior folks (so called), where you will not  get to hear even after sending so many emails, talk, etc. Finally, the story will continue, you will have no idea on what to do. You are completely locked and no other go.

Please don't get in to this situation by doing any business with these people. For more details, visit Concorde southescape on Saturday's to get more details directly from the poor buyers.

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I am a Concorde Windrush owner.

I am also feeling the same.

Pathetic after sale service.



Let me introduce myself, I am Kalyan and I am a representative of Concorde Group. We at Concorde wholly believe in excellence & customer satisfaction and you are our number one priority. If you are facing any issues that have not yet been resolved please feel free to contact me on the following number 9980366007 and I will ensure that our customer support team addresses your issues and resolves it as soon as possible


Hi i am going to book concorde new proj.KIndly send me the feedback for the company as i am confused with the reviews and feedbacks.

Bangalore, Karnataka, India #637055

I feel I got a better deal in terms of price. What I got in Manhattans was

Better than expected with what I paid for.

to sedesh Bangalore, Karnataka, India #825209

how much does it cost in manhattans for you

Bangalore, Karnataka, India #620875

Its really a very well managed company with some of the best work teams seen around. This company is one of the most successful builders

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